organika food


In addition to popcorn, we also have popcorn kernel in our assortment, from which you can prepare delicious popcorn at home by yourself.

Yummy and healthy is what we all desire!


Our 100% certified organic flour is milled from pure, high quality grains grown at our own fields, with over 10 varieties of flours, from rye and wheat to spelt and buckweat.

Always choose certified organic flours for optimal baking Performance, as well as for a greener and better Environment.


Taste the deep aroma of our best organic teas – a treat for  body and soul.

Our Company is proud to bring you a selection of organic teas as a part of our commitment to sustainable farming and healthy Living.

We invite you to taste our selection of organic chamomile, rosehip and mint teas to indulge in the greatest flavors found in nature

Our Story

OrgaNika story is a happy one thanks to the recipe made of faith, love, much determination,
persistence and some good luck

Our founder started organic food production on a small piece of land in Vojvodina at first, and despite the difficulties that she as well as all the farmers worldwide encounter, every year her company orgaNika managed to enlarge the product assortment, from vegetables to cereals.

You see a bag of our popcorn in the hands of a child running with its parents in the park, and doesn’t want to even try any other, next to a millennial’s laptop while drinking coffee, an orgaNika bag peeking out of a yoga instructor’s backpack, or at the table of a group of friends watching a game and having a beer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!